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UX Design

I'd like to make the user experience in applications pleasant and engaging. The interface should have gorgeous simplicity, with meaningful interaction. Ranging from webapp to serious games you can see my past works here..

Product Design

I have designed consumer electronics for several years working in manufacturing company. I alway like to explore new interactions between user and its products. You can check my portfolio of product design here..

Design Branding

I also have passion and practices in designing branding for companies, institutions and events too. I like to make the vision and mission of a company clear and easy to convey visually.

My Story

My Story

Hi I am Reza Akil I come from Indonesia. I have 7 years of experience in designing serious games, web design, branding and UX designer. And 5 years as an industrial designer. Maybe we can do interesting and exciting projects together feel free to get in touch with me. Email me at

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